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Gallery of Modern Masters in Sedona, Arizona started in 2005 with the largest collection of Modern Masters of the 20th Century such as Picasso, Miro, Dali, Chagall, etc.

To compliment these masters, the gallery expanded into representing some of the most renowned glass artists of the current time from around the world such as Christopher Ries, Chris Hawthorne, and Peter Bremers to name just a few. The gallery also features reverse hand painted chandeliers and lamps, as well as glass wind sculptures and distinct photography of the area.

Located on the lower level of scenic  Hillside Sedona, we represent over 50 artists in all mediums and categories including indoor art, outdoor art, functional art, and fun art.   Open daily from 10AM to 6PM. If you cannot join us in person for a fun experience with great fine art, enjoy these fine works of art on our website.

_DSC4424---CopyGallery of Modern Masters: Featured Artists

Barnes Barthel Behrens Bremers Campbell Caron Carson Chambers Evers Gabaldo Gassner Gill Gillis Grussing Gustavson Hall Hawthorne Herrman Ichter Kindland Kingwell Lindberg Lindsay Lustig Mallet Miller Moore Nichols Nordby Pagano Paschoal Paxton Redhawk Ridgeway Ries Roberts Robins Schwarz Solet Storm Unison Wallis Walton Welker Wells