Artist: Beck Paschoal

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Find yourself in this moment. Allow yourselves to be transformed into Beck’s paintings where a place of personal refuge awaits you. These dreamscapes becomes your reality as you slow your mind and find yourself in these introspective expressions.

Beck’s collection of “Make It a Moment” will guide you to architectural retreats, revealing future memories of romantic interludes and moments of contemplation. Both serve as reminders to “Make It A Moment” every day with the ones you love most. Love is the most valuable commodity on the planet. Harness the Love that you have in your life, Celebrate life’s greatest reward. Beck’s Landscapes symbolize our “Eternal Growth”. We are always growing onward and upward reaching for the next greater good. Propelled by natures embrace, nurtured by our grounded roots. There is always a path before us.

Discover your path as you find answers within as you allow your heart to explore the layers of paint that encourage you to become the author of these stories that ultimately become your own. Beck Paschoal lives and creates in Maui, Hawaii where she finds inspiration in all things nature along with life’s colorful obstacle course. Beck’s husband and three sons give her an endless source of gratitude and motivation to inspire others. Travel finds a way to weave new ideas into the fabric of her collection. Painting has always been a reward, releasing layers of emotions to canvas allows Beck to create a language of color, light and texture. This dialog speaks universally, it’s a gift.