Artist: Bette Ridgeway

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Bio-SheetPushing the boundaries of light, color and design, Bette Ridgeway is best known for her large-scale, luminous poured canvases.

The Bette has won numerous awards, including the Oxford University Alumni Prize at the “Art of the Mind” exhibition at the Chianciano Art Museum in Tuscany in 2012. She participated in the inaugural London Art Biennale in January of 2013 and at the Gagliardi Gallery in London in April 2013.

“My work is a dialog between reality and the transcendent. I manipulate light, using multiple layers of the mediums to create depth, rhythm, and motion. A critic described my work as ‘feeling like an image of arrested motion, poised to flare into movement as soon as one turns away’ which says it all”.

“Infusing the work on a variety of surfaces with transparent color combinations presents me with incredible challenges,” says Ridgeway, “along with very deep rewards”.