Artist: Domonique Caron

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guestbook.artistBorn in France and studied fine arts at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux after obtaining her baccalaureate in arts, Dominique traveled and lived for many years in Morocco, Rwanda, and the Ivory Coast. Her admiration for these cultures inspired her to create a body of work based on masks which were exhibited in both Africa and Europe. When she moved to the United States, her masks became larger and more colorful and were represented in many galleries in the United States and Canada.

Dominique’s fascination for faces led her back to drawing and painting where she began to relearn her trade using her own unique expression of colors and joy. Her studio began to fill with paintings, pastels, watercolors, and gouaches. Every media was investigated and combined in large collage pieces. As the mask making was slowly set aside, a sensual, airy, gentle, and serene style, suggesting a luminous art de vivre, began to emerge.

Dominique enjoys living in the serenity and warmth of a true artist town. She maintains a home and studio in the French Basque country where she retreats for the summer. Dominique’s work is in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Japan, and Europe.

Dominique has this to say about her work: “My choice of subject matter is always close to my home environment. It forces me to revive my perception of the mundane. I will take my easel to my dining room and start to paint a bowl of fruit which is bathed in light. I will then paint on the canvas words describing the emotion associated with that particular setting. I paint many subjects, from flowers to tables prepared with food to faces inscribed in rough collages. Each piece sings to me and one can find music in the collage. Sometimes I paint a special commission piece which is also a wonderful process in that I am inspired from outside my private world.

Dominique approaches her canvases with color, vigor and joy suggesting a luminous art de-vivre. The artist in her mixed media paintings evocatively combines dream-state beauty with gritty archaeology.  Articulate swaths of color and energetic lines reveal the elegance of primitive influences.  Yet beneath the surface are layers of scrap cloth, old drawings and bits of calligraphy, possibly memories of an individual or fragments from a forgotten source. Dominique’s artistic influences from the modern and the primitive portray the melange of contemporary society with its complex layers of memories and meanings.