Artist: Harold Lustig

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHarold specializes in di-chroic glass. The word dichroic comes from the Greek – “di” meaning two and “chroic” meaning color. The product was developed by NASA in the 1960’s for use in satellite mirrors. The layering of the di-chroic finish must be done in a vacuum chamber where an electron beam deposits many microscopic layers of metallic oxides, such as magnesium and titanium, on optically pure glass. The metallic coating absorbs different colors of light at different angles, making the glass multi-hued.

The cubes-on-base are coated on the three indented undersides, which allow the colors to “bounce” around inside the cube. The other pieces in the line are coated on the bottom and then covered with felt to protect the finish. Harold creates various images using the color aspects of di-chroic glass.