Artist: Jack Nordby

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Jack Nordby is the pioneer of his own artistic genre. His art was birthed from his epiphany on a Maui beach while he was watching the crashing waves refine the beach. Jack’s life was also crashing at this time while his metal art world had come to a stand still. The metaphor of the crashing waves refining the beach and his crashing waves refining his life, caused Jack in his nearly broken spirit to begin resurrecting his life, by refocusing his vision for metal art by creating three dimensional metal waves called “The Waves of Life” and rightfully described as “The Art That Comes Alive”, because it brought Jack back alive.

In 2007, Jack was introduced to the master and creator of the modern day metal art, Andreas Nottebohm. Andreas’ mesmerizing creations were the catalyst for Jack’s aspirations in the art world. It was also during this time period that Jack was ensuing a romantic and art partnership with another metal artist, that his life was being fine tuned in the metal arts and also preparing him for his “beach day/crashing waves” epiphany.

Since then, Jack’s waves and water themed metal art have washed ashore into homes and offices all over the world, including pieces on “The World” cruise ship.

His “Waves of Life” story is a reminder of the hope we need to hold onto no matter what waves might be crashing our lives. His newest line of art called “Beyond the Waves” is when life is no longer being tossed and turned by crashing waves, but rather, we are enjoying the gentle waters we find just “Beyond the Waves”.

Waves in Sedona Arizona? Yes, because the “Waves of Life” are everywhere we go. And the “Beyond the Waves” are where we want to be. Either the waves of the ocean or waves of the earth found in Sedona called Vortex.