Artist: James Kingwell

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James KingwellJim Kingwell was born and reared in Portland, Oregon.  He   attended Willamette University in Salem and Portland State University.  He majored in ceramics with a particular interest in design and silicate chemistry.  In 1971 he began blowing glass when he and a partner built a hot glass studio on the Oregon coast, where they used recycled glass.  In 1974 Jim began making glass from its raw ingredients.

What began as a five year experiment evolved into a life forming fascination.  Jim’s work has appeared in shows and galleries throughout the United States and has pieces in all 50 states and in more than 40 countries.  His new work offers a fabulous array of colors and forms.  He currently melts a virtually colorless formula with exceptional clarity and handling capability.  The remarkable light gathering quality of clear glass energizes every color used with the piece. The responsive nature of the molten material sustains the delicate balance between spontaneity and integral control of hand-blown glass.