Artist: Joseph Pagano

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aboutAfter graduating from college with a degree in industrial design, Joseph Pagano moved to New York and decided to start his own business producing decorative art, furniture and lighting. His goal was to combine beautiful materials with functional design using old work craftsmanship with attention to detail. Over the years he focused primarily on blown glass as the material for because he found it an incredibly versatile medium. He created unique pieces using various techniques including the utilization of tile mosaics for standing panels and tables to colored glass rods, which become the stripes you see in many of his designs.

Everything he creates is custom and designed by him.   He manufactures everything himself to keep the details and materials consistent. His vision has always been to combine old world craftsmanship with beautiful design. He has been classically trained in the various disciplines that encompass his work. Every piece he creates is meticulously crafted and detailed. Joining elements like hand blown and cast glass, distinctive woods and metals He produces unique works which can be custom tailored to meet individual client needs.

What is so fulfilling for him is working with so many diverse raw materials, merging the decorative arts with interior design and in the process create objects that excite and inspire me.