Artist: Kathleen Hall

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Artist’s Statement

What people notice most about my paintings are the texture, dimension and vibrant colors, often complementary hues, juxtaposed to create energy and build tension. I sometimes observe viewers studying my paintings from multiple angles, tracing my journey through the layers.

People ask me if I like Van Gogh’s work. I do! I love Van Gogh’s use of bold color, lines and the whimsical way he represents the objects and scenes he paints. This is what I hope to accomplish in my own paintings.


Artist Bio

Kathleen Hall paints with thick texture and complementary colors to create images that pulsate off the surface of the canvas. In 2010, Kathleen began experimenting with a palette knife and fell in love with this technique. Now, she paints exclusively with a knife.

Kathleen begins most of her oil paintings with a base color—often red or teal—and then begins adding layers, letting the paint dry between layers. Each layer preserves the history of the earlier layers, which continue to peek through, even in the final painting.

Between 2010 and 2015, Kathleen ran a seasonal studio and gallery in Bar Harbor, Maine, next to Acadia National Park—her favorite spot in the world. The rocky coast, mountains and ever-changing ocean are a constant source of inspiration and appear frequently in her paintings.

Kathleen has trained at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Studio School for the past 15 years. When she’s not painting, Kathleen loves to read and run. She divides her time between Virginia and Maine.