Artist: Keith Lindberg

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In 1960, Keith Lindberg was living in the small, friendly, bohemian village of Carmel, mingling with an eclectic population of artists and growing as a person and as a painter. Despite formal training, Lindberg says it took five years of self-education to become a painter. His career launched in 1965, when he was accepted into the Carmel Art Association and invited to show at a Carmel gallery. His first one-man show in Carmel sold out.

Keith is described as a truly one-of-a kind artist. He’s such an optimistic person. He looks at the bright and colorful side of every aspect of his life-and his paintings reflect that. His paintings are moody, romantic, optimistic, splashy, soft, emotional, and contemplative. They are impressionistic in style, telling stories that only the viewer can interpret.

Best known for the unfolding dramas and brilliance of colors in his work, paints beautifully designed oils and has been reviewed by critics as a “swashbuckler with paint.” His subject matter includes many paintings with people; also birds, horses and landscapes.