Artist: Michael Gustavson

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PortraitGustavsonMichael Gustavson graduated from San Jose University in 1978 with a Master in Fine Arts degree. Since then his works of art have been purchased by major corporations such as IBM, Kaiser Permanente, Seagate and Eastman Kodak.

The process of Raku is spontaneous and the glazes are somewhat unpredictable. The glazes Michael uses are very textural and often appeal to one’s senses causing the viewer to immediately want to touch the work, which is his intent as he always emphasizes the surface quality and texture.

The wall pieces are more like glaze paintings, once again emphasizing surface, color and texture but in the process a richness comes to the fore. The fragmented wall pieces are ceramic canvases that express the rigid fragmented and broken qualities of clay.

The vessels are thrown on the wheel and then hand stretched and pushed out creating sculptural forms possessing a feeling of life and movement, often giving the appearance of a torso having no head, yet having a turned shoulder, long back, or slight hip — all moving with the grace of a dancer. These works of art all change as you walk around them, never repeating a design as you might expect.