“Unisons” by artists Michael Redhawk and Marlys Mallet

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artistsUnison Acrylics

Combining over sixty years of creating artwork individually, Michael Redhawk and Marlys K. Mallet have combined their talents to create a new series of work on the same canvases. What they have accomplished are unique and exciting works of art, one that neither artist could have produced alone.

Together they decide on the concept, the canvas size and the gold leaf work. Redhawk begins the painting process. He composes a realistic scene within the confines of the golden borders then turns the canvas over to Mallet who expands the theme beyond the borders.

As a husband and wife team they share a studio, but this breakthrough in artistic concepts is the first time they have merged their totally different styles of painting into one cohesive work of art.

Redhawk has spent many years studying and developing his painting skills to create romantic landscapes. Mallet, who also was schooled in realistic painting techniques, has chosen to pursue a career in abstract painting. This new Series has sparked the imagination of both artists and their creative energy and has reached new heights in creative development.

In addition, the two have now combined their talents to produce Stone Creations, which are mixed media works of semi-precious stones or petrified wood and abstract painting on panel.  Each piece is unique and lustrous and surprises with three dimensional qualities.

Unison Stone Creations

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The idea for Stone Creations came as a result of Michael’s affiliation with gemstones as a jewelry designer and Marlys’s natural attractionto the abstract designs found in mineral specimens. The final results of their collaboration are unique works of Art presenting collectable stones in an artistic format – an exciting expansion of their Unison paintings.

It all started at an International Gem Show in February 2015 while on a quest to purchase smaller gemstones for jewelry, opals in particular. The couple acquired two spectacular larger stone specimens. For over two months the stones were set aside until one morning on their deck while polishing off a pot of coffee– a creative lightbulb came on and the artists developed a plan. Excitement ran rampant as they discussed the issues, the solutions, and the final presentation. Both were anxious to get right to work to bring their ideas to life.

Driven by their “creative spirits” their first mixed-media paintings began to take shape within two weeks. As each work evolved the artists developed new techniques; Marlys found ways to reproduce the druzy and gold leaf of the specimens with acrylic paint. She positioned the stones and painted an environment that extended their abstract texture. Michael engineered the mechanism to securely mount the stones of increasing weights to the board and how to carefully pour the liquid glass, a process that requires patience and precision, a mask, a blow torch and a totally dust-free space for two days.

The artists are now on a quest to find ever interesting specimens – searching the world via the internet, connecting with miners and importers, as well as selecting polished slices of petrified wood from Arizona. Selecting the stones and ideas for compositions are a joint endeavor enjoyed by both.