Gallery History

Gallery of Modern Masters commenced business in 2005. Jill and Zach Richardson had been principles of International Fine Arts which sold to galleries works from the Modern Masters of the 20th Century such as Picasso, Miro, Dali and Calder at wholesale pricing. Gallery of Modern Masters opened its doors at Hillside Sedona in 2006 as an additional outlet for these masters at competitive prices.

Until 2008, the gallery represented almost exclusively these masters, hence the gallery name. In March 2008, the main roads in Sedona underwent extensive updating, including the road on which the gallery is located. This road project was extremely disruptive to all of Sedona which lasted for over 2 years. Serious collectors of the masters were discouraged from coming to Sedona due to the road construction. Many galleries in Sedona went out of business as the economy also took a drop during this time period. We had to reinvent the gallery.

Richardson Family in 2006

Zach researched various options in which to take the gallery, and in the process discovered Christopher Ries, one of the most renowned glass artists sought after by serious glass collectors. Almost immediately after the gallery announced that it would be representing Ries, artists from around the world wanted to be represented by the Gallery of Modern Masters. Consequently the gallery has turned into one of the most selective glass art galleries in the Southwest.

Modern Masters of the 20th Century are still represented by the gallery, though they are now complemented by selective artists in various mediums including glass, bronze, metal, photography, raku, mixed media and distinctive jewelry.