Marlys Mallét & Michael Redhawk

Dance of the Mermaids
Mixed Media-Stone Creation - Brazilian Agate
30 x 54 in (76.20 x 137.16 cm)
Brazilian Agate: Brazil produces the majority of the agate mined in the world, bringing all types and colors to the market. This triptych is a combination of a single stone panel flanked by two uniquely painted abstract panels extending the theme and colors. This center stone is a solid marriage of white Quartz crystals surrounded with a border of Fortification Agate in colors of burgundy, green, blue, and red. In the middle of this stone is a rare pocket of tiny crystal clusters in raspberry and teal. You are invited to imagine Mermaids playing in the luscious teal and blues in these two beautiful abstracts side paintings.
Dance of the Mermaids by Marlys Mallét & Michael Redhawk

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