Marlys Mallét & Michael Redhawk

Garden of Siam
Mixed Media - Stone Creation Brazilian Amethyst/ Agate
24 x 18 in (60.96 x 45.72 cm)
Amethyst & Brazilian Agate: Brazil produces some of the world's most interesting and beautiful Amethyst and Agate specimens. Here is a fine example of a violet Amethyst slice which showcases Agate with Amethyst crystals together in a captivating stone. Completing this perfect composition of two magnificent minerals are remarkable patterns of green and grey Agate with bonus pockets of crystals - truly a mesmerizing feast of mineralogical beauty. This specimen is a wonderland of translucent and opaque Agate formations salted and beautiful Amethyst ares.
Garden of Siam by Marlys Mallét & Michael Redhawk