Marlys Mallét & Michael Redhawk

Promise of Spring
Mixed Media - Stone Creation Oregon Larsonite
11 x 14 in (27.94 x 35.56 cm)
Oregon Larsonite-Jasper: Also known as “Gary Green Jasper” or McDermitt Green Jasper”, this beautiful stone from the Oregon-Nevada border is actually a variety of petrified bog which was a deposit of swamp vegetation. The bogwood was a collection of canes, cattails, wood, limbs and other debris which petrified together in a Miocene even some 11-14 million years ago. This is a snapshot in time of the algae, fallen trees, and other vegetation that was happening when the bog was covered with volcanic ash and became a petrified mass. The teal to lime greens are the result of a combination of Iron, Aluminum, Potassium, Sodium and Calcium. These green colors are quite rare in petrified woods.
Promise of Spring by Marlys Mallét & Michael Redhawk