Marlys Mallét & Michael Redhawk

Rose Velvet
Mixed Media - Stone Creation
24 x 18 in
Rose Amethyst: Rose Amethyst is one of the amazing stones that originate in Brazil. This stone was featured by our supplier of Brazilian stones at the 2019 Tucson show. This was a new find in that region and we were captivated by its beauty, variety of color and crystal formations. The majority of the slabs we selected are composed of a beautiful Rose Quartz with pockets and inclusions of sparkling crystals of rose colored Amethyst. This stone features a great variety of crystal pockets with lovely amethyst crystals ranging from raspberry color to a soft lilac, a truly amazing and captivating specimen. Set in a time of opulent black velvet and royal purple the painting contrasts the Royalty of the past with contemporary symbolism.