Joseph Pagano

Joseph Pagano

Joseph Pagano has been an artist and designer for over 30 years. He has been creating unique modern lighting and glass sculptures since his years at The University of the Arts. With a mastery of skills in glassblowing and fabrication, he custom designs and builds each style by hand, merging raw materials like glass, wood and metals into timeless designs.

As an artist and designer he states that nature has always been a huge source of inspiration for his work, providing him with an infinite palette to create from. His design process is constantly evolving, combining old world craftsmanship with modern design. Every piece he creates is meticulously crafted and detailed.

All of the finishes are applied with his years of experience and refinements. Much of the collection is a process of what he calls spontaneous design and controlled accidents, allowing the materials to reveal their hidden potential. He will often spend weeks studying the elements he uses before executing an idea. He is constantly pushing the process of hand built design, creating works that meet his exacting standards.

Joseph often collaborates with designers and architects who seek out his distinctive vision, producing unique works which are custom tailored to meet their client’s needs.




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