Beauty From the Forge


This month we are showing off our jewelry with a special focus on Valerie Ostenak. The materials that Valerie use build upon the concepts of tender and tough, working together. Steel, historically used in machinery and weapons, defines the visual strength of each piece. Formed with fire, pieces are then softened with pearls, gems formed organically in water and associated with delicate femininity. In the sterling silver pieces, Valerie leaves the hammer marks, showing the force and power it took to get them to their shape. The dichotomy of these elements dancing together create a balanced and synergistic whole; one that each of us can apply to our lives personally, socially, and globally.

In addition to Valerie's pieces, our other great jewelers work, Michael Redhawk, Wayne Keeth, Erin O’Loughlin and our fun Murano Glass Jewelry, is also available.