The Flow of Energy

Sedona artist, Jill Amundsen, has a connection and love of energy. Jill's passion for art began as a young child the moment her grandmother introduced her to her first set of paints. Her studies in London further amplified her love of the arts as she traveled throughout Europe, exploring some of the great museums and galleries of Europe. Jill is an intuitive colorist who overlays brilliant hues in subtle transparencies that reveal several dimensions of energy and light. Her goal is to produce work that creates a harmonious effect of light and movement that brings the viewer to a peaceful sense of being and provides a visual meditation.


The acrylic flow Jill uses is not your typical flow. Jill paints using only the canvas. It is not stretched or framed, it truly is only the cloth that she is using. Manipulating the acrylic by moving the cloth to get her works just the way she wants them. After all that is when she stretches and frames the piece. Sedona is famous for its energy flows and Jill brings that unique energy flow to her work.